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Dianne Bischoff James - Life Transformation Coach, Speaker and Author

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Dianne Recommends is a referral source for products, services and resources that reignite your passion for life and support health, wellness, anti-aging, spiritual and personal development. If you'd like to recommend any additional products that support the journey toward self-fulfillment, we'd love to hear about them.




I recently moved my family from Illinois to a beautiful suburb outside of Boston. Hauling our stuff between the states was hard, but I also had to renovate every inch of our old Victorian house after we moved. As a result of the insurmountable to-do list, I started feeling stressed out and jumpy. My nerves were on edge from the time I woke up until the time I went to bed. Fortunately, I stumbled upon Inositol, a natural product that helped me calm down and handle the changes with less anxiety.

Inositol is found in all cell membranes, with the strongest concentration in the brain and central nervous system. It acts as an anxiety-reducer and occurs naturally in many plants and animals, with the highest level found in whole grains and citrus fruits. Studies show that this vitamin-like substance also has promise as a natural anti-depressant, promotes fertility in females and restores insulin sensitivity in instances of resistance.

I felt calmer, could breathe more deeply and carry out my tasks with greater peace of mind after taking one 500mg Inositol capsule. So, if you have a stressful week or overwhelmed by the approaching holidays, try Inositol as a daily supplement. It's reasonably priced at $4.99 for 100 Inositol capsules on Amazon.   

Super Flex Back Formula

Having been a horseback rider for over a decade, I've struggled with back and neck pain due to the jarring movement and the times that I was thrown off in the past. According to one of my physicians, I'm a candidate for disk surgery in five different places along my spine. Yet, with weekly yoga, simple traction devices and Natural Balance Super Flex Back Formula, my back is now much happier, moves well and is virtually pain free.

One day, I stumbled upon Natural Balance Super Flex Back Formula while searching through Amazon and ordered a bottle to give it a proper trail. This is one of the most fortunate decisions I ever made for my health! Within 20 minutes my back and neck pain disappeared and the relief lasted for up to 4 hours.

The secret seems to lie in the combination of natural remedies: 1) muscle relaxation through kava kava and magnesium, 2) muscle support through tumeric, ginger, trans-resveratrol and boswellia 3) joint support through glucosamine and MSM. I've tried each of these ingredients independently over the past several years, but none of them have provided as much relief as found in the Super Flex Back Formula. Now, I take one tablet in the morning and one in the evening and I move more freely and with ease.  

Here's the best part, a bottle of Super Flex Back Formula with 60 tablets costs $14.00 on Amazon! So, if you are interested in a healthy, happy back, try Natural Balance's great remedie.   




Let’s face it, the winter months are tough because we have to deal with enormously frigid temperatures and perpetual darkness. Personally, in the short daylight hours of winter I find it harder to get motivated and difficult to in long hours at work. Thankfully, I discovered something that really helps, the OttLite. This little desktop lamp has illumination that is as close to natural daylight at possible and it’s made a huge difference in my ability to focus during the winter months. The OttLite has been round since 1989 and used by individuals who enjoy sewing and crafts. I just discovered it last year after my doctor recommended it to me during a routine checkup. I thought the doctor’s suggestion was strange, but supposedly the OttLite’s special bulb helps alleviate eye strain and shatter the winter blahs. After using the lamp for only one day, I was hooked. I can see my computer screen better and for some reason, I can work longer, more productively and I get less fatigued. So, consider purchasing a desktop OttLite to brighten up your reading space and work environment. the Ottlite 13 watt HD Slimline Task Desk Lamp pictured above is very lightweight and easy to move to different places within the house. Ottlite on Amazon $29.99

Wild Oregano Soft Gel


Over the long fall and winter months, we will all be exposed to a plethora of bugs and germs. Although there are natural products that claim to fight-off colds including Vitamin C powders and Zinc-based nasal sprays, the best natural remedy I've found is Wild Oregano Oil. According to studies, oregano oil has anti-fungal, antiviral properties and in a study performed in the UK, oregano was effective against 25 different bacterial strains. In lab cultures, oregano oil has put up a strong fight against the bacteria that causes candida and is also known to be tremendously helpful with gastrointestinal issues. But beyond the scientific research, Wild Oregano Oil has helped me ward off every cold and flu virus that passed through our home over the past two years. (And, I have three kids who come home sick from school all the time!)   


The minute I feel a scratchy throat or even a tickle, I run to grab the natural influenza-preventive remedy, Wild Oregano Oil. I strongly recommend that you take the oregano oil in the form of a softgel pill because the straight liquid oil tastes terrible and will burn your throat the whole way down. (I know this from first-hand experience.) The oil in the softgel is easy to swallow and seems to have only one negative trait - it can produce a slight oregano taste in your mouth that lasts for up to an hour. Other than the taste, the pill has no other side effect. It's best to take the pill at the onset of your symptoms, because once you've contracted a bug, the oil is not effective in shortening or eliminating the duration of the illness.


I recommend that you take one softgel as soon as you feel any symptoms such as runny nose, sniffle or cough and then take another softgel at night before you go to bed. And, keep a bottle of bottle of Wild Oregano Oil pills nearby your desk just in case you need it. There are a variety of brands at Whole Foods and on for $12. Here is the link to the Solgar brand. Solgar Wild Oregano Oil Softgels