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Dianne Bischoff James - Life Transformation Coach, Speaker and Author

The Real Brass Ring

The Real Brass Ring

Total Transformation: Dianne Bischoff James describes her remarkable "Life Reboot" in her book, The Real Brass Ring: Change Your Life Course Now (Red Wheel/Weiser/Turning Stone Press) and it is the perfect inspiration for anyone who feels stuck, unhappy and ready to reboot so they can move forward on the life path they originally set out to create. Readers should prepare themselves for a roller-coaster of a story with emotional highs and lows, hilarious teaching moments and the hard, real-life lessons that put Dianne back on track and in reach of the "real" brass ring. Insisting that she was worthy of an authentic romantic relationship, she initiates the breakup of her marriage. With three children in tow, she drives into midlife cougar dating, including a close call with a charming but dangerous, abusive alcoholic. She also launches an acting career and surprises herself with success in an extremely competitive arena. She loses 60 pounds, survives a terrifying financial recession that almost takes everything along with it in addition to the death of a loved one.  

"I'd approach every change as a free-fall, diving through the air and grabbing at brass rings along the way. I made more mistakes than I could even count but I also absorbed the painful, yet innately valuable lessons... Now I had what I wanted all along, emotional peace, love a uniquely sculpted family unit, an outlet for my creativity and a new life in hand." 

This book is an inspiration and passionately reveals how anyone can re-invent themselves and reclaim their authentic self. It demonstrates that it is possible to have what appears to be a "perfect" existence, but not be alignment with your proper destiny or life plan. What makes this book stand apart, however, is the way Dianne incorporates many of the leaders in the field of metaphysics who share similar beliefs based on the Law of Attraction as well as a modern version of the Unified Field Theory that suggests evidence proving that we are all part of one cosmic source. In addition, Dianne's 14 Shortcuts for Happy Living become foundational tools for creating and sustaining a happy, fruitful life.    

Key Topics: Life Rebooting, Midlife Transformation, Encore Career, Depression, Weightloss, Divorce, Cougar Dating, Physical Afflictions, Economic Recession and Addictive Relationships

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The Real Brass Ring: Change Your Life Course Now discusses a 'midlife reboot' that happened to the author after consulting with a famous psychic. That meeting forced her to re-examine every part of her traditional life, even though she already 'had it all' - career, family, and social status. At the age of forty she crafted a 'midlife reboot' and battled with the aftermath of divorce, depression, and more: this recounts this process and will serve as inspirational reading for any others who think about changing course mid-life and ultimately creating a better direction.

MidWest Book Review

Dianne had a healthy family, a successful career in marketing, a house on Chicago’s north shore, and all the trappings of a successful life. Yet she felt unfulfilled in her work, depressed, and unhappy in her relationships. And she was 40 pounds overweight. On her 38th birthday, she treated herself to a reading by Chicago psychic Sonia Choquette, who told her she’d been living the wrong life—one that would make her parents happy. Dianne had not followed her own dream. Sonia told Dianne her true calling was that of a writer, healer, teacher, and performer.

After much soul-searching, Dianne created a personal mission: “to help others find and achieve their greatest good by finding and achieving my own.” The rest of the book is an account of her ten-year journey to change her life course. Although Dianne’s lifestyle and circumstances are not those of the average person’s, the issues we all face as human beings are the same.

The book is inspiring to read, with quotes from self-help books such as Heal Your Body A–Z by Louise Hay, The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz, The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton, The Divine Matrix by Gregg Braden, and other metaphysical writers.

By the end of the book, Dianne can honestly say she loves her life. Oh yes, and she joined a health club where she can do yoga twice a week. Dianne continues her marketing consultancy business, Core Marketing Solutions, and has created a course to help others find greater meaning and purpose in their lives.

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An honest story of how the author began to reinvent herself at the age of 38, The Real Brass Ring is a story many will find comforting as well as challenging. After the author had a reading with psychic Sonia Choquette where she was told to fix her life before it was too late, the author knew she was off-track in every area of her life.

The memoir follows her reading many popular self-help and spiritually-oriented books, attending seminars, transcribing Abraham-Hicks’ early courses and eventually reinventing her life. Using humor, compassion, and honesty, she takes us on a roller coaster ride of raising children, divorce, cougar dating, launching an acting career, letting go of 56 unwanted pounds and almost losing everything in the recession.

The book will especially appeal to those who feel they are in the middle of their own personal renovation – or who want to be. The story offers consolation, direction, and a sense of purpose many will find compelling.

New Spirit Journal

About the BookThe Real Brass Ring: Change Your Life Course Now

ISBN: 978-1618520555

RedWheel Weiser/Conari Press

Imprint: Turning Stone Press

Available on and

Amazon Reviews - Over 100 5-Star Amazon reviews

Love Your Life!

Over 100 Amazon 5-Star Reviews

"Dianne Bischoff James shows us how it’s possible for everyone to reinvent themselves, find their unique talents and passions and reclaim their authentic inner self. Dianne shares her personal story of discovering at a young age that her professional and family life, impressive educational background, and what appeared to be the "perfect" experience, was not in alignment to her destiny or life plan. Dianne mentions many leaders in the metaphysical field who share the idea that knowledge is really nothing but experiences and describes a modern day physicist's Unified Field Theory that suggests evidence proving we are all part of one cosmic source. READ THIS BOOK to recognize how childhood shapes our adult life and we are the product of our parents' imprinting and our cultural patterns. Dianne offers methods and techniques to find the way past any negative love systems to grab "The Real Brass Ring" which is simply learning who you are and how to create the life you were born to live with endless possibilities."

Sheryl Glick – Healing From Within Radio Show


"Dianne has written a masterpiece for getting on with your life. The book contains numerous exercises to assist with healing your thoughts therefore changing your life. The stories shared allow you to feel the transformation as it happens. Listen to my interview with her She asks the audience 3 life awakening questions that will change your life."

Monique Chapman – Monique Chapman Radio Show


"Dianne has written an alternately lighthearted and sad, altogether touching tour of her life experience. I started turning the pages and did not want to put it down. It's an often brave self-examination that causes us not to empathize so much as identify with the unexpected turns all of our lives inevitably take. As I read I found myself feeling like a confidant, but also felt something more. I could see the patterns of my own experience invisibly interwoven with the honest details of her life changes. It's one of those rare books that reminds and reassures us that we aren't the only ones contending with the plot twists in life. I recommend it unreservedly."

Daniel Nearing – Movie Writer, Director and Producer

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