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Dianne Bischoff James - Life Transformation Coach, Speaker and Author

What is the Life Reboot Workshop?

  • Isn’t it time for you to be who you came here to be?
  • Are you ready to move into alignment with your destiny?
  • Have you always known deep inside that there was something waiting for you to discover and experience?
  • Could you be the change the world is waiting for?

You Know There’s More To Life, But Not Sure How to Get There

Dianne Bischoff James Website 1Maybe you’ve read self-help books or have had some inspiring experiences, but you haven’t quite been able to incorporate those concepts into your every day life. Do you feel like you’ve not even begun to share your brilliance and creativity with the world and are dying to step into a powerful, new chapter of your life? The Life Reboot workshop shows you how to create a new reality so you can function from true authenticiy and design your life the way you want it to be. This is your journey. Isn’t it time to you custom-craft your future and eliminate limited thinking that has kept you stuck?

It’s never too late to create the empowered life that you love and Dianne Bischoff James, bestselling author, motivational speaker and renowned coach has spent the last decade developing a unique process to make life transformation easy.

Based on her book, The Real Brass Ring, the Life Reboot workshop utilizes super-charged techniques, processes and tools that will empower you to have the life you truly deserve. Dianne’s course utilizes 14 Shortcuts for Happy Living along with the principles of pragmatic metaphysics that combine the best-practices of Eastern philosophies with practical Western tools to accelerate change. This step-by-step processes will guide you in becoming more authentic and eliminate barriers that stand in your way so you can design a new course for your future.

The Life Reboot course makes it possible to change everything that’s not working in your life. This includes finding passion, attracting a better job, identifying a better career path, finding love, improving your relationships and creating a healthier lifestyle. Once you become more aware of how to use the Life Reboot tools along with the your inner guidance, you’ll find greater happiness and naturally thrive. This work is continually expanding and is always the newest, cutting-edge information.

Unleash your inner power and bring more joy, vitality and passion into your life.


Life Reboot Workshop Curriculum

What Will I Learn?

There’s More To Life!Would you like to move forward on a path that will bring you greater happiness and fulfillment? For the past decade, Dianne has had extensive personal experience, and conducted research, training and coaching in the art and science of transformation. As a result, she has developed a transformational processes that has changed her life her life as well as the lives of countless others. This unique process you will allow you to benefit from the synthesis of vast resources and use applications that are designed to make life transformation easy.




Rich, Active Workshops To Bring It All Home

  • Learn the 14 Shortcuts for Happy Living
  • Rediscover What You Truly Want
  • Develop Your “Love-It” Inventory
  • Employ a New Paradigm for Attracting Life Richness
  • Uncover Blocks That Stand in Your Way & Techniques to Eliminate Them
  • Employ Skills for Manifesting Long-term Positive Changes
  • Learn How to Manage Your Energy to Achieve Accelerated Results
  • Design & Craft the Life You Love

Life Reboot Course Benefits 

  • Cultivate More Joy, Vitality and Love in Your Life
  • Unleash Your Inner Power 
  • Bring More Energy and Fun Into Your Life 
  • Inspire and Motivate You Around Career or Business 
  • Create Breakthroughs in a Short Amount of Time 
  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety
  • Connect to Your Inner Guidance
  • Ease and Empower Life Transitions: ie. Divorce, Career Change, Retirement, Starting a Family 
  • Gain Clarity Regarding Your Decisions
  • Ignite Your Life Passions and Purpose 
  • Build a Customize Plan for Your Future
  • Sharpen and Trust Your Intuition
  • Let Go of Fear
  • Enjoy More Satisfying Relationships
  • Learn Techniques to be More Relaxed and Present
  • Establish Positive Permanent Shifts in the Quality of Your Life
  • Find Unique and Effective Ways to Contribute to the World Around You


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Love Your Life!

What Life Reboot Workshop Participants Are Saying

I can’t tell you how much my life has chanced since I took the Life Reboot workshop last year. In the months that followed, I released my fears and started a new business that is really taking off. I am thrilled and excited about my ability to manifest wonderful things and thrive! This was a great course and I loved every minute of it.

– Cyncari N. Milwaukee, WI

Thank you for sharing your journey. I was lost when I found your book and your courses. I feel that in some way, you were my angel and I want to thank you for leading me on the right path. I appreciate all of your compassion and your inspiration because I too will be going through a midlife reboot and love, peace and power.

– Katie R. Columbus, OH 

I enjoy learning new ways to improve my life. Attending Dianne's workshop was simply delightful! To me, there is always room for improvement and when you listen to people like Dianne, you can trust that you are getting good advice and will avoid making as many mistakes as you would on your own.

– Anne Marie D. Chicago, IL 

Dianne Bischoff James and her Life Reboot course in Mankato was truly amazing. She gently guided us through an series of amazing techniques that I’ve been able to use and re-use in my daily life to stay focused and create more abundance. Now I have a new job that is perfect for me. Thanks for this terrific program, Dianne.

– Alex B. Mankato, MN 

Before I took the Life Reboot workshop, I had entered a difficult phase in my life. I was alone and completely unsure of myself and my future. This workshop helped me reawaken to self-love and now I have a new partner, a soul mate. I couldn’t be happier and you are going to love this course!

– Bill M. Oakbrook, IL

I really enjoyed your workshop in Cincinnati! I read The Real Brass Ring and got a lot out of it. In fact, when I got to the last few chapters, I read them very slowly because I didn't want the book to end. Now, I'm using your tools and asking the Universe for more to be delivered to me and I've already started seeing changes in my life. I look forward to what you write in the future. 

– Ron R. Cincinnati, OH 

Dianne, I really enjoyed meeting you in Minneapolis! Your workshop and our private session did wonders for me. I also really love reading your monthly newsletter. I have felt much brighter since the seminar and I've been able to share this new lightness with those around me. 

– Marcia B. Minneapolis, MN

I found you! I really did get to "break through" to the real me at your workshop in Los Angeles. Goodness gracious, so many good things came out working with you that weekend. It was life-changing. 

– Christy  F. Los Angeles, CA

I watched your inspiration interview on Natalie Ledwell's Inspiration show and I would like to say, THANK YOU! Your story and words are very inspiring and helped to reaffirm my belief in the Law of Attraction, which I am just starting to consciously incorporate into my life now at 41. I think your midlife transformation ideas and workshops are fantastic and it's just what people need in this day and age. So, thank you once again and continued success on your life path!

– Curtis S. Portland, OR


Love Your Life!

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